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Greek Wines with Konstantinos Lazarakis MW

Konstantinos tells us about the different grape varieties and regions of Greece, where 95% of the wine is consumed domestically and so can be hard to find in the UK. Many new grapes are being rediscovered every year but there are 200 indigenous grape varieties so far identified but in the market there are closer to 50 varietals available. There are also the international varieties being planted. We hear about the appellation system in Greece with the top tier being the PDO (POP) and second tier is PGI (more akin to Vin de Pays quality). Finally we talk about the traditional Greek wine, Retsina

Konstantinos tells us in detail about the 4 key regions in Greece.

The first is Naousa red wine appellation in the north in the general area of Macedonia. Tha main grape variety is Xinomavro [Ksee no' ma vro] grape (style close to Nebbiolo). Nemea in Pelopennese again red wine Agiorghitiko [ Ah yor yee' ti ko ] meaning St George's. Its very different in style producing soft and fruity wines.

The white varieties famous and most important appellation is the island of Santorini (big tourist destination). Assyrtiko [A seer' tee ko] very mineral not too aromatic. The second key white appellation is Mantinia, located in the Peloponnese, with the main variety being Moschofilero [Mos ko fee' le ro], very fresh, aromatic, rose petals and is linked to the Muscat family of grapes.


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