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ThirtyFifty - Corporate Tastings

Canada Life

Canada Life wanted to entertain clients by running a series of events in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds over a six week period. The company wanted everything taken care of, from venue finding to the last detail of the entertainment itself.

They initially approached an event organiser but finally chose ThirtyFifty, liking the idea of an interactive wine tasting show. Because the show is co-hosted by a compere and a wine expert the emphasis is firmly on being entertained. ThirtyFifty use wine in a supporting role, making participants the stars.

Canada Life felt this was an ideal way for its teams to socialise with VIP clients. Canada Life's guests arrived to a Champagne reception, before being split into teams with their hosts. Over dinner, in between the courses, they enjoyed tasting wine and participating in quiz rounds from 'Speed Tasting' to 'University Wine Challenge'. Points were available to be won on every round and prizes given to the winning table. Before each show ThirtyFifty researched the company and its clients to provide topical material for comedy moments.

Each event was a resounding success and Canada Life has since re-booked ThirtyFifty. David Greenall, Canada Life said:"ThirtyFifty met our brief in delivering an event that was different, appealed across our range of potential guests and required minimal administration from ourselves to concentrate on hosting our guests. They exceeded in delivering memorable events that were fun, informative and appreciated by all. A number of guests have asked ThirtyFifty to entertain their own clients in the same way and that has to be the best measure of success."

Our clients say...

ThirtyFifty did an outstanding job in entertaining us with their interactive wine tasting show. Our main objective was to have fun - our umpires don't get together very often but when they do we want to ensure they have a good time. Chris and Paul were brilliant at keeping us entertained through the course of the evening

England & Wales Cricket Board