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UK Wine Show 205 James Leonard Wine vs Teeth Protection Prevention and Cure

This show was published 30 April 2010


James Leonard is a dentist in Blenheim, New Zealand and cares for the teeth of many in the local wine industry. We find out about teeth protection, prevention and cures relative to wine.

The main problem is the acidity in the wine. Although the tooth enamel is mostly mineral which is hard and tough but susceptible to an attack from acid. The lower the PH of the wine (higher the acidity) the more dangerous and the longer the exposure, the worse the problem will be. Normal tooth decay is caused by naturally occuring bacteria feeding on sugar and converting it to acid. The main difference to the effects of wine is that normal tooth decay occurs in the hard to get to areas whereas majority of damage from wine is on the flat surfaces of the teeth. It is beneficial to eat cheese which has a high PH to help neutralise the acidity and rinsing with water in between wines can help. Using flouride toothpaste or mouthwash is a good idea leading up to long wine tasting sessions.


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