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UK Wine Show 225 The difference in ability to smell with perfumer George Dodd

This show was published 17 September 2010


George Dodd is a perfumer and an expert on the sense of smell. George explains how we all have different levels of sensitivity to smells.

In this second interview we hear how individuals have different thresholds to smells but also how different flavours have different sized molecules, making some smells linger longer than others. This means that some wines will leave a more lasting impression on us than others, simply down to the size of the fruit's flavour molecules, not necessarily due to the quality of that wine. Our perception of flavour is generated in our brains with 95% of the clues coming from smell and 5% through our mouths, so, as wine professionals, how can we calibrate our noses and learn to recognise a wider range of smells and in doing so be better at describing how different wines taste?


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