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UK Wine Show 50 Wine Closures with Jamie Goode

This show was published 11 May 2007


Jamie Goode is the wine writer and blogger behind In this interview we discuss the technical issues with a range of closures including the screwcap, natural cork, diam, zork and the vino lock.

As we discuss each closure we look at the issues of Cork taint (known chemically as TCA) and Oxidation. We also look at how the closure is now being used as part of the wine making process to manage and modify the wine to be ready for the market. This is done primarily by controlling the amount of oxygen that passes through the closure to the wine. Low levels can cause the wines to develop sulphur aromas and too high causes the wine to oxidise, neither are good for the wine. The goldilocks amount of not too little, not too much appears to be about what an average cork achieves, but their high fault levels and natural variability mean the wine you drink becomes more of a lucky dip. So what is the future? Is it Diam's new process cork with consistency and low fault levels, screw caps or perhaps the glass 'vino lock' closure?


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