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The EU defies economics and considers banning new planting of vines.

The liberalisation of vine planting rights has been postponed by the EU commission special advisory group. The group ruled in December that it should be postponed for 6 years. This will be music to vineyard growers ears across Europe. As reported in November, 15 of the 27 member countries were vehemently against the proposed commission.

Their argument was that it would make the industry less competitive and would lead to ....‘catastrophic results’ for the historical and cultural nature of Europe’s vineyards. Some believed that it would lead to contamination of the classified zones of origins.

The European Commission had argued that removing planting rights would have the opposite effect, that of increasing competition, enabling other producers to respond more freely to market conditions.

Most of European agriculture is being liberalised, removed from the controls that characterised the Community Agricultural Policy that limited production of sugar or milk.

The advisory group’s recommendations are still to be approved by the European Parliament if they are to come into effect.