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UK Government poised to drop minimum pricing on alcohol

David Cameron has been forced to back down on introducing minimum unit pricing on alcohol. Members of his cabinet put pressure on the prime minister to drop the policy. Mr Cameron had argued that imposing a 45p minimum unit pricing would help reduce problem drinking and reduce drink related deaths.

Opponents say that the policy would penalise responsible drinkers and treat everyone who is looking for value in their shopping as a binge-drinker. The Wine and Spirit Trade Association have argued that there is little evidence that minimum pricing would actually reduce problem drinking.

Early last year when talking about introducing minimum pricing, Mr Cameron said: “This shows a radical government, not frightened of taking big decisions, rolling up its sleeves and getting on with the job.” A number of Conservative backbenchers have expressed their concerns and dismay over the news that minimum pricing could be dropped.

Perhaps the backbenchers and cabinet should discuss it over a drink ?!