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Aussies launch new wine containers

The Australians aren’t just busy making wine, they are also busy developing new types of containers to put their wine in. Just last week two new formats were unveiled. The first is Hardys Shuttle. This is an acrylic bottle, which is sealed by its own twist-top acrylic wine glass. It holds a single serving and is designed for use at events where glass is banned. The company’s global marketing manager Miriam Leenders said that the Shuttles, ‘will keep for 12 months - which is almost double the shelf-life of current PET small-format bottles.’ These are scheduled to have a test run in the UK in March next year. Also launched last week – firstly to the Canadian market, for which it was developed to help reduce landfill – is the Cheer Pack from Palandri Wines in Western Australia. This is a plastic and aluminium foil pouch, of the sort that has been commonly used for fruit juice and yoghurt drinks. Palandri’s general manager, Andrew Blythe, told ThirtyFifty that the Cheer Pack can be made in any size and has been designed to be environmentally friendly. It has a shelf-life of between 12 and 24 months, so it’s for early-drinking wine. Andrew said Palandri will be introducing the Cheer Pack to the UK in spring or summer of next year. Both these new containers join a list of recent variables on the traditional glass wine bottle. Already we’ve seen the likes of wine boxes, cans, as well as PET bottles developed specifically for use on airlines.