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The Drinks Business top 10 Wine Brands

The Drinks Business revealed the top 10 wine brands by global volume sales this month. Many names you will have heard of as they have probably graced your wine glass at one time or another. But the striking result - in the words of Tony Blackburn - Straight in at number 2 a new entry.... Great Wall. Maybe not surprisingly a chinese brand who have acquired vineyards in France and Chile with consultant advice from Micheal Rolland. Brands include France Great Wall, Chilean Great Wall and they are now looking to the Barossa valley for Australian Great Wall. This is a brand other brands need to keep an eye on if they want to stand a chance of eyeing a share of the Chinese market.

Clinging onto its top position at number 1 is the American brand Gallo. Their sales have been split evenly between domestic and export markets. They are a brand who invest heavily in creating trends. Moscato is their current champion which accounts for 42% of the US Moscato market. Recently launched in the UK market. The results are:-

1. Gallo
2. Great Wall
3. Hardy's
4. Concha Y Tora
5. Yellow Tail
6. Sutter Home
7. Robert Mondavi
8. Beringer
9. Lindemans
10 Jacobs Creek