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Give Chardonnay Another Chance!

ABC - Anything but Chardonnay has been the popular reply by many in the UK as consumers switched their white wine drinking preference from the noble grape to Sauvignon Blanc. Accolade Wines, who own the Australian brand Hardy's, are looking to change all that with a new campaign to once again put Chardonnay as the number 1 white wine choice. Their campaign - All About Chardonnay - comes as 18% of UK wine drinkers said they are drinking more Chardonnay than a year ago. Many people still associate Chardonnay with ripe and oaky flavours but a new wave of aromatic light Chardonnays are now around, with Australia producing some lean and gently toasty styles. So don't write Chardonnay off - G.C.A.C - Give Chardonnay Another Chance!