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Alcohol industry blamed for Neknomination

Many of you will by now have heard of Neknomination in the news. The craze where someone necks a drink then nominates someone else to do the same. The process is then posted on social media. As with many things to do with social media the craze has escalated. Initially the nominator was outdone with amusing and creative postings of strange locations and unusual ways of drinking the nominated drink. Toilet bowls, fancy dress you name it.

However some are missing the point and many have decided that it should be about the quantity of alcohol drunk - one man drinking 2 pints of Gin and subsequently dying. Three more have died since and no doubt more will do so. The public is demanding government intervention and some police forces have threatened to prosecute anyone who nominates someone who then subsequently dies.

There have always been drinking games but social media has such an immediate and vast audience that its impact is powerful on impressionable youngsters. Let's hope that with these unfortunate deaths being highlighted people will see how irresponsible the game can be.