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Sour grapes from Cava MD regarding Prosecco?

Grupo Codorniu's marketing manager insists that whilst Prosecco has definitely helped to grow the sparkling wine sector, its surge in popularity will make it seem less special and people will get fed up with it. He insists that while Cava has lost a bit of its market share to Prosecco, volume sales are steady. Prosecco accounts for 48% of the sparkling wine market and Cava for 43%. He believes that people who like sparkling wine will drink all 3 types Prosecco, Cava or Champagne just depending on day and budget available. He also said that Prosecco's taste profile was not as evolved as Cava. Whilst he's not threatened by Prosecco, Grupo Codorniu are boosting public awareness of Cava with a new campaign Cava Revolution...So, no - not bothered at all by Prosecco!