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Has the reign of Pinot Grigio finally come to an end?

Pinot Grigio is in short supply on the bulk market which is starting to push up prices. Consumers will inevitably start seeking out cheaper options. Pinot Grigio is seen as an easy drinking white wine option for many consumers, but prices in the main producing countries of Australia, Italy and California are already seeing price increases. Whilst in Italy the price of Pinot Grigio has been stable it is still seen as very high compared to other varietals from that country. Pinot Grigio is the 3rd biggest selling white wine in the UK and in the USA it is the second best selling white grape. The US harvest is already looking short which could also put further upward pressure on prices. So what will consumers look to next? Sauvignon Blanc is still a very popular white wine choice - but maybe the time has come for a new favourite white wine amongst consumers?