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Advertising Guru slams wine industry

Harpers this week reported that advertising guru Sir John Hegarty founder of the famous BBH advertising agency had slammed the wine industry at the Wine and Spirit Trade Association's annual conference. He provocatively told the conference that their industry had often communicated to their consumer's - who don't understand the quality in wine - in a pathetic and often daft manner. He argued that the wine industry was particulary peculiar in it's ability to confuse consumers, make them feel inferior and had gone out of it's way to make wine impenetrable, whilst keeping the mystery of wine alive. Hegarty is himself a wine producer in the Languedoc area. He challenged the wine industry to grow the market, by being bold and ambitious with big ideas. He argued why not label a wine that tells you exactly when and why they should be drunk. eg BBQ Wine, Indian Takeaway Wine, or Your Weekend starts here. He said he was now re-labelling his own wines Open Now. Simplicity he said was the key.