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Asian fly threat to French winemakers

An Asian fruit fly (Drosophila Suzukii) that causes sour rot in vineyards has been found in Bordeaux. The fly was first discovered in 2010 and although it is not expected to significantly impact the 2014 harvest, it has been spotted for the first time in Sauternes and on Bordeaux's right bank. Burgundy winemakers have also reported problems in recent weeks whilst the Veneto region in Italy has expressed concern about the insect's ability to ruin grapes. Research is being undertaken to understand more about the fly but what has been discovered so far has alarmed winemakers. The main concern with this particular fruit fly is that is has rather discerning tastes and rather than feasting on rotten fruit it prefers berries that are still maturing. So far there is no effective treatment to control their numbers.