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Illegal servings of Prosecco in UK bars

The popularity of Prosecco in the UK has been well documented by us. But now some Prosecco producers are claiming that some UK bars are illegally labelling sparkling wine as Prosecco. In particular, wine supplier Frizzenti who sell sparkling wine on tap rather than by the bottle has been critcised. Since 2009, like Champagne, only winemakers in designated areas of northeast Italy working to specific rules can label their sparkling wine Prosecco. But there are claims that some bars in the UK supplying sparkling wine on tap are falsely labelling it Prosecco. This is illegal and represents counterfeiting, says the winemakers consortium for Prosecco DOC and DOCG. Frizzenti claim they have never said they sell Prosecco on tap they call it Frizzenti Classico or Frizzeni Rosato. They said it was a all a storm in a wine glass.