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Who do fine wine buyers listen to for advice ?

So which wine critics do fine wine drinkers listen to when looking for advice on what to buy? A survey by fine wine traders Wine Owners asked 244 of their customers. Of the wine critics they trust it appears that Robert Parker is still very influential with 56% of votes, Jancis Robinson is 2nd at 49% and Robert's successor Neal Martin is 3rd at 29%. In 4th place is Antonio Galloni who is an American wine critic who worked for Robert Parker's publication The Wine Advocate. So where should Fine Wine producers market their wines to get a piece of this annual fine wine expenditure of between £5,000 and £25,000?. Fine wine drinkers do much of their research online via free access websites whilst 44.1% take the recommendations of several merchants. 41% subscribe to wine critic subscription sites and newsletters while 37.8% relied on recommendations from friends, 32% use newspaper or magazine articles.