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Still 30% of UK wine consumers haven't tried English Wine.

English Wines are the toast of the town at the moment winning lots of international wine awards and English Wine Producers celebrating English Wine Week last week. So the trade are on board but what about the perceptions of English Wine amongst consumers? ThirtyFifty did a recent survey to find out. We asked 228 of our customers who attend wine tastings What are your views on English Wine?.

Question: What do you think of English Wine?

7% I don't rate it
32% I really like it
30% It can be good but a bit expensive
30% I've never tried it.

Sample: 288 June 2015.

So have the English Wine's PR and marketing spend paid off? Well they should be pleased with themselves because only 7% said they didn't rate it and 32% of people said they really like it. However there are still 30% of people out there who haven't heard the hype as they haven't even tried it. 30% of our customers sampled said they thought it could be good but a bit expensive. Which considering English Sparkling Wines are getting parity with Champagne should make it a good value alternative. English Sparkling Wines obviously need the Prosecco effect. Prosecco has been enjoying a great deal of success as a cheaper palatable alternative to Champagne. Perhaps English Sparkling Wines can play off the fact that this popular Champagne alternative is now deemed to be in short supply. Kerching !