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Cheers Mandela!

The South African daughter and grandaughter of Nelson Mandela have launched Mandela Wine. Beautifully presented with much symbolism on the packaging referencing the great man. But what is the relevance between this great man and wine? With the wine industry in South Africa being predominantly run by whites, the majority being men, this wine, produced by black women challenges the status quo. But are they just cashing in on his name like so many celebrity wines? It would seem not. With their new selection of wine being completely sourced from certified fair trade farms, House of Mandela wine embodies a philosophy of corporate conscientiousness. They don’t have their own vineyards, but source their wines from locals, supporting the small farmer in a large way. The House of Mandela pays a premium to the farmers, which goes for education and housing, and the employees get a respectful salary. Through their wine, they’re not only changing the face of business, but generating capital and sustainability for the country.