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Jackanory and Gin?

Sales of premium gin in the UK are on the rise as diners adjust their drinking habits when eating out. Gin has seen an upsurge in popularity lately, with Gin tastings becoming the latest thing to do. Consumers have become more aware of the variety of gins available with people seeking out brands that have an interesting story to tell. Often a local pedigree is popular as it helps people to understand where the liquid has been produced. The Cinnamon Club in London has recently been refurbished opening with a gin trolley in the main dining room which offers over 20 blends. The hospitality trade have been advised to capitalise on these growing sales by extending the range they have on offer. And so here's an interesting story about Gin - it was originally formulated by the Dutch. When the English troops were fighting alongside the Dutch in the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) they noticed that the Dutch soldiers were extremely courageous in battle. This bravery became attributed to the calming effects of the genever that they sipped from small bottles hanging from their belts. The English spread the word about the beverage and hence the expression a sip of Dutch courage.