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UK spending more on wine

The 2015 UK Wine Market Landscapes Report shows that UK consumers are spending more on wine. Whilst the number of wine drinkers in the UK hasn't increased, those that do are spending more. Wine drinkers who spend more than £6 on a bottle for an informal meal at home now account for 36% of all drinkers, up from 24% and the amount of people who have wine with a formal restaurant meal at least once a week has increased by 9%. The report also showed that people aged 25-34 are now making up a quarter of all UK wine drinkers. This age group is more adventurous than previous generations and is more likely to order wine online than older age groups. This younger group of Millennial adventurous drinkers will become the driving force behind future wine consumption trends as they will become the largest group in terms of population in the UK.