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Bordeaux winemaker goes organic

Very topical following Chris's debate with Monty Waldin last week. A 2015 vintage produced by Chateau de La Dauphine in Bordeaux has just received organic and biodynamic certication. The estate has struggled through to get the certification, losing 50% of its normal crop in 2012 and the following year 90%. But they persevered with the system and by 2015 they were back to normal yields with Demeter and Ecocert certification. A growing number of Bordeaux estates have shown interest in organic and biodynamic methods, however a recent documentary aired on the France 2 TV channel 'Pesticides and our Children at Risk' claimed that Bordeaux is the country's largest user of pesticides. 45% of Bordeaux winemakers are now said to be registered as using sustainable agriculture which promises to reduce and monitor pesticides. An ongoing and sensitive debate.