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What are we drinking in the UK ?

Figures from the latest Drinks Business analysis of UK wine sales trends show the market to be stabilising. Whilst there is an overall decline in still wine sales over the latest 12 month period it is only by 1%. Noticeably the biggest decline has been within the £5-£6 price band. Whilst growth can be seen either side of this price band at the £3 and above the £8 priced wines. The average price of wine sold in the UK is £5.40 per bottle. Both red and white wine have experienced a 1% decline whilst Rose, which had seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, saw a 7% decline. With regard to grape varieties for the whites Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay account for the overall decline in white wine sales although Sauvignon Blanc continues to increase in sales still being the UK's best selling grape. For the reds Merlot leads the way with Shiraz in 2nd place while Cabernet Sauvignon has suffered a slight decline. Whilst the still wine trade is declining it's good news for the Sparkling Wine sector with sales up by 21%. Champagne is treated as a separate sector to Sparkling and this is also enjoying growth with 5% increase in volume sales.