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Sussex wines apply for PDO status but what about Brexit

Sussex Sparkling Wine is one step nearer to PDO status. The application was put forward to the European Union's Geographic Indication (GI) scheme by Britain's agriculture ministry. Although PDO status could take several years to achieve there is now the added complication of Brexit. The application was made prior to the Brexit decision and the impact of this is as yet unknown. The application is also quite controversial as many believe within the English Wine producing community that it would have been better to promote English Wine as a whole over individual regions. England's Camel valley is still waiting for a PDO application for its Darnibole vineyard in Cornwall to be ratified by EU member states and they applied in 2012. Currently PDO status is given to English Wine and Welsh wine but no individual regions. The English Wine community are believed to be assessing the impact of Brexit on their industry and are yet to release a statement. Like many in the UK the full impact is yet to be determined.