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Waitrose launches mid priced bag in box format

Waitrose the upmarket supermarket has launched a mid priced bag-in-box wines. The most expensive is a 1.5L Côte Bleu Méditerranée Rosé at £14.99/1.5L or £7.49/750ml. Competitors, such as Tesco, sell a range of bag in box wines of 2.25L and 3L for between £2.97/750ml and £6.23/750ml with most retailing at around £5/750ml.

The new range also includes The Beefsteak Club Malbec (RRP: £20.99/ 2.25L) and Marlborough Springs Sauvignon Blanc (RRP: £20.99/ 2.25L), both equivalent to £7/750ml. The rest of the wines in the range are around the typical £5/750ml price point.