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Australia export growth soars by 10% in 2017

Australia’s wine markets have been slowly changing over the years. Gone are the days where Australians brought their sunshine in a bottle to the UK as its key export market. This week Wine Australia has released its export figures to June 2017, and while China is still their top export market, the growth in the last year has been huge, up 44% by value to 607m Aus dollars (£370m). The USA is still number 2 with Aus $464m (£280m) up 3%. The UK is in third place at $341m (£207m) but down 7%. Canada and Hong Kong are both a distant 4th and 5th down 5% and 8% respectively.

Shiraz is Australia’s biggest export wine, almost double the next highest export grape Cabernet Sauvignon. Surprisingly the growth has not been at the bottom end; there have been bigger gains in wines above $20 (£12) worth more and growing faster than cheaper wines.