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The Wine Show Season 2 will feature Jancis Robinson

The successful TV program The Wine show is set to return to the UK in January 2018. This time the group will be in the South of France, with Jancie Robinson, one of the UK top wine critics assisting. The show will again feature Matthew Goode, with the addition of his new second-in-command, actor James Purefoy. Matthew and James play the role of wine novices with Joe Fattorini helping them uncover the world of wine. Jancis Robinson will be passing judgment on the wines brought back by the team and deciding which wines go into the Show's wine case.

The show has blends the traditional wine show where you learn about wine and leveraged its popularity to sell wine to the public. Think wine show meets QVC’s shopping channel, but with one of the UK’s most respected wine critics, Jancis Robinson, deciding which wines are good enough to make it into their mixed case. You can enjoy the wines at home while watching an episode.