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Australia over takes France into second place with the second highest average export bottle price

Australian wine sales, particularly to China, have been booming in the 1st Quarter of 2018.

Imports from Australia to China have grown by more than 50% by volume and value and, while still behind France's £202 million, are closing in at £148 million.

The boom has seen Australia’s average export bottle price (before tax) rise to £3.70 ahead of Frances average export price of £3.03. Both are below New Zealand’s average of £5.80 before tax.

The rise of exports to China has been attributed to the trade deal done between Australia and China. Currently, duties on Australian wine to China are at 2.4%.

But China has threatened the EU with tit for tat tariffs increases after the EU levied heavy tariffs reaching 48% in August on subsidised solar panels.

It is not known what the possible tariff could be, but starting on the 2nd April 2018, China has added an additional 15% on American wines bring the total tariff on US wines to 67.7%.