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What is the strategic direction of the UK Wine Industry?

Following last weeks news that 3 million vines where going into the ground, increasing vineyard plantings by 24%, concern has been raised about the lack of coordination.

Wine consultant and winemaker Justin Howard-Sneyd MW pointed out that 6% rise in sales in 2018 for English and Welsh wines would not keep up with the rapid expansion underway and queried whether there was “a potential glut on the way”. He argued that trade body Wine GB should coordinate the understanding of the data 'so we know where we are'.

Bob Lindo of Camel Valley in Cornwall suggested that storage is essential where vintages varied so much as in England and Champagne. “The ability to store sparkling wine is absolutely paramount,” he told The Drinks Business. “There’s no reason to believe English sparkling wine is in over-supply, but people underestimate how much storage they need if they are going to have to maintain a long-term, viable sparkling wine business.”