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Global Warming blamed for the 1st failure of Germany not to produce any ice wine.

Germany will not produce any ice wine for the first time for the 2019/2020 vintage after warm weather failed to freeze grapes on the vine.

The warming weather since 2014 has resulted and smaller and smaller harvest of German Ice Wine. Normally the temperature needs to get to -7°C before harvest begins. However, the temperature never reached this level for the most recent harvest in any of Germany's 13 wine region. This was the first time that no ice wine has been made in Germany.

The German Wine Institute says that another problem for ice wine production has been a shift more into January and February where the temperature is low enough for ice wine production, while the grapes have tended to ripen earlier and earlier. ‘As a result, the period that the grapes have to survive in a healthy state until a possible ice wine harvest is becoming longer.’ claims the Institute.