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Brexit negotiations are back into full swing as Britain prepares to leave the EU trade partnership

Britain’s trade deals are back underway as negotiation with the EU stalls and other trading partners hope that the UK will look at trade with a fresh attitude.

In the UK, the wine trade is quite euro-centric, with the three largest wine producers in the world at its door step it is not surprising that many British importers don’t want to see their business affected by new restrictions. But other countries are hoping that trade rules introduced by Europe to protect their wine sector, might be lifted.

Wine is now New Zealand’s most valuable export to the UK making up 30% of total NZ exports to the UK. Jeffrey Clarke, general manager advocacy & general counsel at NZ Wine (NZW) said “the UK is currently hampered by costly, pointless EU certifications and complex rules to protect EU wineries. The UK now has a chance to sweep away those barriers and enhance its status as a global wine trade hub.”