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White Port and Tonic - the refreshing drink for 2021?

Taylor's launched their Chip Dry White Port with Tonic in a Ready to Drink can last month, now available in the UK, USA and Portugal. The 5.5% abv is a lower alcohol alternative to Gin & Tonic, unlike most Port, white Port is a fortified wine made in a dry style.

The classic Portuguese cocktail has met with a number regulatory issues. Port is not allowed to be sold diluted with other materials, so Taylors call it a Portonic, while the 250ml can claims it is Chip Dry & Tonic, without the word Port on the label. Taylor’s was the first Port house in 1934 to produce a white Port which they call Chip Dry White Port.

The classic White Port cocktail is:

1/3rd White Port
2/3rds Tonic Water
Mint and a lemon wedge

Other white Port beverages include Gricha Mule:

60ml Dry White Port
60ml ginger beer (not ale)
Two lime wedges
Three slices of cucumber
Sprig of mint