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Huge winery that supplied the Mediterranean 1500 years ago discovered in Israel

A huge winery that supplied the Mediterranean 1500 years ago has been discovered in Israel. The newly found winery from the Byzantine period could supply up to 2 million litres of wine a year, according to the Israel Antiquities Authority.

The winery was the size of a premier league football pitch and included five wine presses, foot treading and fermentation rooms.

As we all know too well at the moment, getting supplies to market is all important, so the site included kilns to produce amphorae (clay jars) to store and ship the wine, a glass works and metal works.

The wines were known as Gaza, or Ashkelon, which were then exported throughout the Mediterranean.

The site has been excavated by archaeologists before a planned expansion of the city of Yavne, which will bury the site again.