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Banrock Station launches EcoSpirit format

Wine brand Banrock Station launches low waste reusable EcoSpirit format for restaurants and bars in Sydney, Australia.

EcoSpirits offers a closed loop wine distribution system that allows 4.5L vessels to be refilled and reused by bars and restaurants.

Accolade Wines, owner of a number of wine brands including Banrock Station, will launch the first refill Eco plant in Sydney in the first half of 2022. The company providing the technology for Eco Spirits is a Singapore company that launched in 2018. Initially the offering was for spirits and launched in the UK via importer Mangrove in 2021 where the spirit company Spirit.ed offered this solution, and is used for their Portobello Gin.

The Eco Spirit system allows for the square glass bottle in a metal case, to be easily cleaned and re-filled from bulk shipped wines and spirits. By refilling and re-using the packaging it will radically reduce the waste glass that is a key part of the carbon footprint of wines and spirits.