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England and Northern Ireland's deposit return systems reject glass

England and Northern Ireland's deposit return system will not include glass bottles.
As part of the drive to reduce packaging and encourage recycling, the proposed bottle return system would have been great, but now DEFRA claims that glass bottles are just too hard.

The deposit return scheme is designed in such a way that when you buy a drink you pay a small extra premium which is then returned when you return the packaging for recycling.

Aluminium cans and plastic bottles have all been accepted, but although glass has been used in deposit return schemes for years throughout the world, it was decided too difficult for England and Northern Ireland. Scotland have managed to overcome the obstacles.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) claimed that in its public consultation, responses raised concerns over glass, in particular, the way glass is collected in reverse vending machines, “possibly being crushed and mixed, ultimately resulting in poorer quality glass than is collected currently through kerbside recycling”.