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Rioja rivals granted new Vineyards of Alava appellation

Rioja rivals are granted new Vineyards of Alava appellation (PDO) but it overlaps with Rioja, who are not happy.

Vineyards of Alava appellation (PDO) is based on Rioja’s Alavesa subregion. But those who decided to make wines in the new appellation will suffer severe sanctions imposed by Rioja DOCa who are opposed to the new PDO.

In September, Rioja created new exclusivity rules that would stop a producer from producing wines for both appellations at the same time. Any producer who chooses to make wine for the new Vineyards of Alava PDO would take a year to re-join the Rioja PDO. In addition, Rioja cannot be made in any winery making Vineyards of Alava wines.

The new appellation has been granted by the Basque government but needs to be ratified by the EU parliament before the wines can be exported.