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French wine & spirits exports fall by 10%

French wine & spirits export volumes are down 10% in 2023, driven by a 22% drop in exports to the US, according to a new report by the FEVS.

The FEVS (French Association of Wine and Spirits Exporters) promotes French wine and spirits around the world and claimed the drop was a process of adjusting stock levels after inventory built up over the Covid 19 pandemic.

While spirits have taken the main battering into the US market, down 37%, sparkling wine has dropped by 16% while still wines have remained flat.

French exporters have had a difficult time in the US. French wine sales to the US fell by 14% in 2020, due to a 25% import tariff on still wines placed on them by the Trump presidency over US claims of subsidies to EU plane maker Airbus. The tariffs were dropped in early 2021.