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Moët & Chandon using spraying robots

Moët & Chandon employs autonomous spraying robot supplied by Japanese company Yanmar who has been working with vineyards to prove its autonomous spraying robot, YV01, can help solve spraying even in the most challenging locations.

Moët & Chandon have been trialling the YV01 to help spray in some of their more tricky vineyard sites. Weighing in a 1 tonne, and on crawler tracks, it is claimed it will not compact the soils as much as a normal tractor. The low height and tracks mean it can work vineyards up to 44 degree angle, where many tractors fail to reach. It is powered by a 25 horsepower motor which is guided by GPS and remote control.

Moët & Chandon has confirmed they've been using the YV01 in challenging vineyard plots since the end of 2022, citing its ease of use, operator safety and effectiveness in managing difficult terrain.