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UK Deposit Return scheme delayed to 2027

UK Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) has been delayed yet again, with October 2027 now the latest date that the government has given.

Robbie Moore, Defra's parliamentary under-secretary, issued a statement claiming the previous delayed launch of October 2025 “was a stretching target date”. He said “ additional time will be needed to efficiently and effectively roll out the schemes across the UK.”

Richard Naisby, chair of the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), said: “To make the Deposit Return Scheme work for small independent breweries and consumers we need one scheme that is introduced with the same materials, the same rules and on the same day across the UK.

However, with Scotland and Wales committed to including glass in their DRS, the UK government say it has no intention of including glass as it is “too hard” to manage.