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UK biggest importer of NZ wine

The UK takes more New Zealand wine than any other country. Nearly 36% of new Zealand’s wine exports come to the UK, according to the latest figures, against just under 26% going to Australia and 24% to the USA.

Sauvignon Blanc accounts for 70% of New Zealand wine heading for our shores, though MAT figures to this October saw Merlot shipments up 146% and Pinot Noir up 37%.

Market share for Kiwi wine has increased at every price point here, but particularly for wines in the £9-£10 and over £10 price brackets. These have achieved increases of 59% and 71% respectively in the 12 months to June this year.

The New World country still has the highest average retail price per bottle in the UK both for wines sold in shops (off-trade) and in bars and restaurants (on-trade). The average off-trade price is now £6.08 compared to the market average of £3.98, according to Nielsen’s figures, which puts Australia second at £4.31. On-trade, the average price is £16.60 compared to the market average of £12.77. This puts New Zealand £2.83 ahead of Spain, which has the second-highest average price.

Marlborough is the largest of New Zealand’s wine-producing regions, representing 62% of the vintage, and has seen production growing 40% since last year. With Hawke’s Bay second and Gisborne third, together these three regions make up a massive 90% of the country’s vintage.