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Transportation is only small part of a wine's carbon footprint, say Aussies

Australian wine doesn’t necessarily have a much higher carbon footprint than wine coming from other countries to the UK, according to Stephen Strachan, chief executive of the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia.

Speaking at The Green Debate conference, Stephen said that a preliminary study shows that a large proportion of the carbon footprint of Australian wines comes from winemaking and viticultural production rather than through transporting them to markets on the other side of the world. He said, ‘If you take the product from the vineyard to the consumer and look at the impact through glass manufacturing, packaging and other areas, a very significant proportion of the carbon footprint from our Australian vineyards - and, therefore, probably every other country’s as well - is in the winemaking and viticultural production of that product.’

He added, ‘Very interestingly, almost 40% of the carbon footprint actually comes through once the product lands in the market, so once the consumer starts doing what it does with the product – refrigerating it, going to the market place and buying it.

‘There’s probably a perception that, because Australian producers are a long way from the [UK] market, our environmental footprint is much higher than some of our competitors. I don’t necessarily believe that,’ he said.