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Elephant treads grapes for SA wine

A South African wine producer has adopted foot treading for some of its grapes but hardly in the traditional way since the treading is being done by an elephant.

Boplaas wineries in Calitzdorp took some of their grapes for the 2008 vintage to Knysna Elephant Park where 22-year-old Harry has been trained to tread them. They were then transported back to Boplaas for incorporating into the company’s limited-production Elephant Rosé and Elephant Chardonnay.

Apparently, Harry especially enjoys Chardonnay, Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and during the treading process couldn’t resist helping himself to some grapes for his hard work!

Some of the proceeds from the wines will be donated towards elephant research and conservation, says the company, and potential drinkers will be glad to hear that Harry had his feet washed and sterilised before he got down to the treading.