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German wine finding favour with UK drinkers

Germany is in a unique position to offer consumers a wine with less punishing levels of alcohol than many other countries’ wines, according to Wines of Germany. Spokesperson Alicia Mellish told ThirtyFifty that, ‘More and more consumers are looking for wine around the 12% alcohol level these days and Germany is in a very strong position to deliver the right style of wine at this level.’

Already, it seems, UK drinkers are taking to the idea. Statistics from Wines of Germany show that sales at the higher value end of the market are soaring at the moment. In the £5-plus price bracket, Germany is the third-fastest-growing country, behind Italy and New Zealand, with sales up by 31%.

Even In the £4 to £5 sector, Germany is the second-fastest-growing country, with sales up by 22%.

‘German wine has become less of a mystery to consumers,‘ explained Alicia.
As a result, Riesling is doing well, as is Pinot Grigio, and as Germany produces almost two-thirds of the world’s Riesling, the scope for it here is enormous, said Alicia. Germany is also the world’s third-largest producer of Pinot Noir, so she predicts that we will start seeing more of these wines in the UK in the new few years.