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Thresher makes plans to improve shops and pricing

High street drinks retailer Thresher Group is to abandon three-for-two on wine and champagne in favour of lower single-bottle prices. The move is part of Thresher’s major restructuring programme, which will develop three distinct shop brands, each designed to attract different types of consumers.

Under the new strategy, Wine Rack will target 35 to 55 year olds, offering premium and fine wines starting at the £5 to £10 price mark; Thresher will target busy shoppers, with wines at £4 to £6; and The Local will provide convenience-style local shopping facilities for young mums and local residents, focussing on branded wines, beer and spirits.

The company’s plan will reshape the stores down to 1,500 from the current 1,620 by closing underperforming shops as well as opening new ones. The group’s Scottish brand, Haddows, will also be repositioned, but nothing definite has been announced for that yet.

Thresher’s says that the new ‘look and feel’ of each brand will include more attractive store layouts and improved product sign-posting to appeal to new and existing customers. It also plans to launch online sales.

Thresher Group’s CEO Yvonne Rankin said, ‘We will be investing in our brands for the long-term, and improving our ranging, pricing and promotions – that’s good news for existing and new customers.’