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Sainsbury's to help shoppers with Top 10 wines

Sainsbury’s is introducing a Top 10 display to its wine aisles to help customers shop for the right bottle.

The supermarket chain says the move has been sparked by research findings that have shown the majority of wine drinkers are still unconfident about picking the right wine. It also says it has looked at how other retailers, such as Waterstones, have helped customers make a good personal selection when confronted by an enormous and varied choice. Basically, Sainsbury’s is taking a leaf out of the booksellers’ book!

Warren Anderson, from the wine team, said, ‘Our Top 10 Wines section is designed to give our customers the confidence to try something new. We hope to assist shoppers broaden their knowledge and become a little more experimental when they choose wine.’

The Top 10 display will feature in nearly 400 stores by the end of April and will reflect a different theme every six weeks. The first will be New Wines; others will include Buyers’ Favourites, Top 10 Rosés and Award Winners. Wines will be ordered by their characteristics, and food-matching notes and endorsements will be included to help customers find a wine to match their taste, says Sainsbury’s.