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Pub-goers penalised for drinking less

The Evening Standard newspaper has carried out a straw poll of pubs and bars in London to compare the pricing of small and large glasses of wine and the finding show that drinkers are being penalized when they order a small glass of wine. According to the research 92% of pubs & bars charged disproportionately more for a 175ml glass than for a 250ml glass.

In the worst case a 175ml glass was £3.50, compared to £4.25 for 250ml. If the price of a small glass was based on the same price per ml as the larger glass the small glass should only cost £3.

In a recent poll by wine tasting company ThirtyFifty, 57% said they would prefer to buy a 175ml glass rather than a 250ml or 125ml serving. It seems only fair that pricing is consistent across the sizes rather than offering better value for bigger glasses and penalising a majority of drinkers.

The research comes as the government considers a mandatory code of practice for the drinks industry which will determine how drinks are packaged, promoted and sold. The results of a consultation are due next month with smaller 125ml wine glasses an option.