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Screwcaps grow market share

Screwcaps now account for 15% of the world's wine closure market, according to a leading screwcap manufacturer Guala whose global sales have increased 25% in the last year to 2.5 billion closures.

Since 2006 Guala say much of their growth has come from Europe, a traditionally tough market for alternative closures to cork, with big growth in France, Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy.

According to Nomacorc, a leading synthetic cork producer, synthetic corks represent a further 4 billion closures and the total market for wine closures is 17.5 billion per year, meaning that 11 billion natural corks are used each year.

Cork giant Amorim, suggested these figures were an over-estimate, and put current screwcap sales at 1.7 bn. They believe sales of both screwcaps and natural cork will increase in coming years at the expense of synthetic corks.