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Bombing in Lebanon puts harvest at risk

The war in Lebanon between Israel and militant group Hezbollah could have serious implications for the Lebanese wine industry. With vineyards in the fighting zone, harvest time looming and the problem of getting wine out to their important export markets, companies are facing a difficult time. Chateau Musar UK Director Jane Sowter told ThirtyFifty, ‘The situation overall is truly dreadful. So far we’re not affected, but other Lebanese wineries are in the thick of it, like in Zahleh. We hope to have a normal harvest in August, but over the last couple of weeks, it’s been looking worrying,’ she said.Chateau Musar has now diverted all business through the UK office, which has enough stock to satisfy customers’ requirements for six months. Other companies, however, are struggling even to reach their vineyards. And with the future picture uncertain, as Jane Sowter explained, ‘Nobody’s got any way of knowing what will happen.’