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UK drinking habits changing

Research commissioned by the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) shows changes in drinking habits over the last 3 years amongst 1000 regular wine drinkers. The survey showed a big shift in the number of people drinking Rosé rising from 10% to 18%, while preference for white wine fell from 45% to 37% and red gained 1% to 45%. The grape variety gaining most ground proved to be Pinot Grigio, with 56% preferring this variety, vs 43% 3 years ago.

Meanwhile latest government statistics show a slight decrease in the overall consumption of alcohol in the UK with binge drinking (more than double your daily unit guideline) and underage drinking falling. There has been a surge in prescriptions for medicines to treat alcoholism but deaths from excessive drinking are rising steadily, with liver disease the most common cause.

Concerns about binge drinking and the rising costs of treating alcoholism have been moving up the political agenda in the UK and the new coalition government has pledged to ban the sale of alcoholic drinks below cost price.