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Aussie wine makeovers for Rosemount and Peter Lindemans

Two big Aussie brands are undergoing changes designed to broaden their appeal. Rosemount, the brand that four years ago was the biggest-selling wine in Australia, has seen sales drop globally by nearly a quarter. As a result, it’s getting a makeover, which also involves halving the ranges to six to make selection easier for consumers. Leading the revitalisation is the company’s popular Diamond Label range, which is to appear in a unique new bottle that features a diamond base to create an innovative prism-like effect. There are changes on the wine front too, as the brand returns to the easy-drinking, fruit-driven style for which it became famous. Screwcaps are also to be introduced across all the new wines, which will hit shops here in November. Meanwhile, Lindemans – another company owned by Foster’s Group - is looking to turn from an Australian brand to a global one. The new brand, to be called Country of Origin, will have wines not just from Australia but from Chile and South Africa as well. Company spokesman James Craig-Wood told ThirtyFifty that the new range will have the same approachable, creamy and fruity style as other Lindemans wines and will be sourced from well-known vineyards. No date, however, is yet set for their arrival in the UK.